Our Mission

We connect high-functioning individuals with disabilities from low-to-moderate income households to resources and support services.  Through personalized holistic professional development plans, fundraising, community awareness and education, we will help empower them to experience the fullness of life.


Our vision is to empower high-functioning individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling and independent lives, and to create a world where no one is overlooked or forgotten due to their disability.

The Soul of Santa Story

The story of the Soul of Santa begins in a small town in the north east. The family is fairly large. There are 9 children, four boys and five girls. Our main character, who we will call Tommy, was the number four child out of nine. He was always near his mother because he felt she always needed his help.
The family was close, as were most families in that day, but they were very poor. The family was rather large compared to the rest of the African American households in the area. However, the father managed to buy a house in a white neighborhood. That meant they were subject to racial slurs and discriminatory practices all the time…

Meet The Team

Iman Powell is the Operations Manager for The Soul of Santa

Iman Powell


Dennis and Iman smiling

Dennis Powell, Jr.

Executive Director

Denice Lott and Aunt Becky

Denice G. Lott

Activities Coordinator

Tucker Lott is The Soul of Santa

Tucker E. Lott

founder, CEO

Meet The Governance Board

Tucker Lott is the Executive Director for The Soul of Santa

Tucker E. Lott

Dennis Powell Jr smiling

Dennis Powell, Jr.

Tim McCoy Board Member

Tim Mccoy ii

The Soul of Santa


The Soul of Santa


Tim McCoy Board Member

Robert Rogers

The Soul of Santa

J.Ryan Lott

The Soul of Santa

John Wood

The Soul of Santa

Hannah Eanes

Meet The Advisory Board

The Soul of Santa


Tim McCoy Board Member

Joseph Macklin

Board Member Karis Harrington


TSOS Gives

Why Give

We encourage others to give in their own way and become nurturers of the future.

Your donation will help support, nurture, mentor, feed and clothe individuals with disabilities as well as underserved children and families all year long.

These programs will help expose others to enriching experiences, inspire them to be achievers, and motivate and impact their lives in a positive way.