Do Good is My Friend

 You are almost there

You were always destined to be

A special part of the dream I see

It’s as if they didn’t know

You were the change that had to be

            For me

            And I became me

But I wasn’t the one

Whose struggle was to come

I saw you when you didn’t know

The tears that were to come

I was looking all the time

Because the misery and pain

            Should have been mine

But it didn’t bother you

            The way it bothered me

And little did I know

When you put on your show

            I found out how to grow

To be more like you

            Because you understood

            What you had to go through

                        To become you

And you made me glad

                        That I became me


And the ones we don’t know

Can we teach them how to grow?

Or maybe I stay in my lane

 You will always recognize pain

Because you’ve been there

In the same place I saw him

When I didn’t even know him

            And now I know him



But because I learned from you

What the picture of the pain would look like

When I saw it

Now the very thought of seeing

Or even the thought of being

            In pain

                        Even a little like you

Knowing what it takes to go through

                        And now I think I do


But every day I’ll find a way

To bring normal to what is not

To respect each moment that I got

            Good or bad

To enjoy each tear

            Happy or sad

To never give up trying

To bring better

            Without dying

To Do Good

            Without lying

And still find another friend

            And I promise to do it again

And when I see

            The light shining over me

I will rejoice

            And Do Good all over again

                        Because Do Good is my friend


©Tuckerlott 12/15/2020